The Theta Healing is a simple, powerful spiritual healing technique, which can bring about lasting changes in one’s life in the most subtle manner.
The Alpha and Theta brain frequencies push-up stress levels and lower the anxiety according to the scientists. These brain frequencies help you relax physically and improve the clarity of mind, IQ and help both the brain hemispheres work together efficiently.
What is Theta Healing?
It is a meditation process. The Theta healing helps psychological, physical and spiritual healing with focused prayer through the Creator. There is just one fundamental requirement to practice this technique. You must have an essential belief in God, the creator. It has no religious affiliation and is not specific to any sex, age, race, creed,color or religion.
The Theta state of mind is reached when you prepare your consciousness to connect with the Creator through your Crown Chakra. Your consciousness along with the co-creator, then commands your unconscious mind for specific purposes, such as conducting tasks like reading and healing.
The Crown Chakra is central to Theta healing, even though all the other Chakras and energy centers are used in readings. The  brain waves have a  connection with what are traditionally called “The Psychic Senses.” For the mind to go into a deep meditative state of Theta, all of the psychic senses and the Chakras must be in the coalition, or in what the yogis call by awakening the ‘Kundalini.' There are different intuitive senses that are active in different people, inherently. However, in some, they remain in a latent state waiting to awaken. The intuitive senses many times are buried under the layers of belief systems. In the Theta state, the awakened psychic senses are brought together to unite in one consciousness that is sent to seek God.
The healing of ourselves & others is possible through this synergy with God. It is possible to bring the Creator into our reality to achieve healing. When we co-create, we are in the Theta state. By being in the deep Theta state that benefits everyone, we can unlock the doors to the land of healings, readings, and manifestations.
Though everyone can visualize, the Visualization is often mistaken as a process of what one sees behind the eyelids. The place where visualization resides is the same place we go to revisit our memories.

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