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Art is by far the most exceptional gift ever received by mankind. It has been prevalent since earliest of times, probably since the stone ages. Art has many forms and each form has its own power, strength, grace and character that impacts our society by incorporating its own unique value and life-energy. Music and dance, are regarded as the most alluring forms of art that have tremendous amounts of potential in them. They can eliminate negativity, improve one’s mental health and even cure physical health ailments.

Welcome to the Kundalini Holistic Healing Studio, where you can actualize oneness with the body and soul through various healing techniques. It is often comprehended that only medicines have the ability to heal diseases and bring forth a change in certain health conditions. But we say that this is not entirely true. While medicines can get you treated for some particular disease, it can never get you the kind of health and fitness you deserve. This is why we focus on holistic healing, instead of the contemporary approach.

Holistic healing is based on the approach which considers all the elements of the person such as his emotions, mind, spirit and body and achieves optimal health for all. In simple words, it does not concentrate on a particular disease but helps one attain the best overall health possible.

The studio is for all those who wish to blossom and live an elevated life. The studio emphasizes the importance of healing oneself through pure awareness and expressions using music and dance. Every concept that has its foundations in the studio, has been fully powered by science. It is often found that people are aware of their goals, but lack in execution. There are therapies that actually help a person to find out his true abilities and take action. Therapies like Theta healing, Chakra healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy balance our logical and creative sides. Also there are programs that help in efficient sales, marketing and cracking deals successfully.
The studio offers a 21 day program, which is based on the fact that our brain intercepts new messages and takes 21 days to develop it into a new habit. This new habit can overcomes our old thoughts and old negative habits thus curing alcoholism, drug addiction and depression of any kind.

Komal Shah

The Kundalini holistic healing studio can be considered as a profound tribute to the willpower of Komal Shah and her quest to impart enriching lives to all. She grew up with unique fondness and love for dance and music from a very young age. Her inspiration and motivation was constantly nurtured by her mother who guided her in fulfilling this ambition.
She learned and participated in Bharat Natyam, Classical and Indian folk Ballets. But her real journey started when she entered the world of healing. She learnt marvelous methods of healing from the renowned Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge in U.S.A. She found her true calling in life by seeking to eradicate suffering and stress from this world.

Komal was mentored by President Award winner and eminent Kathak exponent - Guru Pt. Sandeep Mahavir. She has studied ancient forms of healing the human body, mind & soul for over a decade.

Komal is a professional therapist, trained in Past life regression, Theta healing, Clinical hypnosis and Kundalini awakening. She has successfully treated many politicians,depressed patients, coma patients and corporate people. She also delivers seminars in various dance school of Mumbai.
Now here she is, contributing and serving to the society while taking her unparalled art to a whole new level.

Company Vision

Kundalini Holistic Healing envisions being a leading company that serves every individual with healing through body, mind and soul with the help of different therapeutic healing techniques. We always want to stay ahead of the curve by expanding our healing techniques and overcoming barriers. Based on our knowledge and our commitment we see Kundalini Holistic Healing at the forefront within five years.

Company Mission

It’s our mission to deliver therapeutic benefits to every individual, by developing innovative and healing techniques for different diseases and ailments. We want to spread the power of optimism and to explore and develop more innovative therapies for creating the healthy community. We trust that it will help us to establish Kundalini Holistic Healing as a respectable and reputable name.    

Our Corporate Values

To provide guidance as to how we behave and conduct our business.
Our executive leadership team have developed the following principles

-    Place clients first with best therapeutic techniques and services
-    Promote innovative therapies
-    Foster mutual respect to help people reach their potential or goal
-    Expect excellent performance with integrity
-    To help an individual achieve prosperity in all areas of life
-    To bring peace and harmony in relationships
-    To Create your Identity
-    To cure diseases and to rise beyond our limitations
-    Create a better future for ourselves

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