Seven Main Chakras of Human Body
Seven chakras are the seven emotional centers in human body. Each chakra signifies deep emotions. Each chakra has its own strength to eradicate negative emotions which blocks the person to evolve. Chakras are energy centers where energy flows in and out. When the Kundalini awakens and starts flowing through each chakra it cleanses all the negative beliefs and emotions and releases the excess and negative energy stored in that chakra. Chakra balancing is all about balancing human energy system.

Chakra 1:
Root Chakra (Red) – Represents feeling ‘rooted’ or grounded, represent our survival instinct and security.  

Chakra 2:
Sacral Chakra (Orange) – Represents emotions, sex and your ability to accept new relationships and to deal with circumstances into your life.
Chakra 3:
Solar Plexus (Yellow) – Represents confidence, thoughts and feelings, and our ability to be in control of our lives

Chakra 4:
Heart Chakra (Green) – Represents our ability to love and be loved, hope and compassion

Chakra 5:
Throat Chakra (Blue) – Represents creativity, healing and also our ability to communicate clearly.

Chakra 6:
Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) – Represents our ability to see the big picture and hear our inner voice, to comprehend insight and vision.

Chakra 7:
Crown Chakra (Violet) – Represents our ability to connect fully with our spiritual selves

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