The 21 Day Therapy

Most of us are unaware that the thoughts in our minds form the basis of our reality. The power of our thoughts is infinite. The mind is an occupied space, filled with various impressions of the day to day life. Our worries, anxieties, happiness, sadness all filling up the mental space. In the 21 day therapy, the subconscious mind is incorporated with the new beliefs and affirmations to bring around positive change in human life.
The meditation practitioners recognize that the quietening of the chattering mind is one of the biggest barriers that stops one from connecting with the inner,wiser, intuitive realm. One of the oldest techniques to cross over this barrier is to just observethe dialogue that goes on as objectively as possible. By simply becoming a witness of your thoughts, you can now watch the content & the quality of your thoughts.
As you will observe many of these thoughts have repetitive patterns, almost like old recordings that influence our life of today. The thoughts that constantly flow through the mind are the impressions of our bitter, sweet, sad life experiences. The 21 Day Therapy's technique of positive affirmations helps one to wash away these negative, stale recordings and replace them with positive, happy visions.
Why opt for the 21-day therapy?

The 21-day therapy is a powerful technique; In a short period, the technique can help alter many of our expectations & attitudes about life. The affirmations can be spoken aloud, sung or chanted. They can be written down or sung silently as well. The old beliefs and negative mental habits can be changed by practicing effective affirmations for as little as  10 minutes a day. Another technique is to practice the affirmations at 21 times for 21 days.

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