Power of Magical Affirmation on Subconscious Mind

Influence your subconscious

 The affirmations are the way of making positive statements, which when repeated frequently form an impression on the subconscious mind. Words have their energy and vibrations. Our thoughts and declarations create new neuro-paths in our minds. If we follow them religiously, they transform our life completely. The newly generated neuro-paths thrust the subconscious mind to take an action, and it drives one towards success or positive conclusion.This methodology can be easily used to achieve success and improve one's life.
It is important to know the power of words. They work both ways. They can help one dream or destroy the same with the same tool called words. So mind your words. Most people tend to repeat the negative statements in their minds about the events in their lives, and consequently, create undesirable situations.  It all depends on you if the words that are consistently said are used to create failure prints or happy prints. Your success or failure is hidden behind the words and their energy.
Your subconscious mind is a silent absorber of the energy you provide to it with the help of words. It accepts what you keep repeating as true. The subconscious mind then sets out to create situations accordingly to drive you towards the goal. So, why not make it a habit of making positive statements and getting a positive outcome?
The Top 6 Secrets of Positive Thinking
1) Mind your space
Imagine the mind to be a container which can hold only one type of thought, either positive or negative. The opposing or contradicting opinions do not have a mind space, simultaneously. Therefore, affirming positive thought creates a positive outcome. It is up to a person if he wants to wail in misery or think positive and shape the things that are going to happen.
2) Thoughts are the building blocks
Thought precedes reality. Whatever a person focuses upon,  manifests itself eventually. What one says to the subconscious mind in a subtle communication gets revealed.  Many times we feel I had asked for something else but got something entirely different. It is important to know that our conflict with fear and anxiety can give different signals to the subconscious mind, unknowingly.
3) The Response
 A physical response gets generated to every thought & emotion.  Thoughts that get sowed into the subconscious create a biochemical response within the body. Hence, over a period we can build our health or illness with conditioned response.
4) The New Beginning
 It is important that a new programming in the subconscious is which is more powerful must replace the old programming. The new tends to win in such conflict situations.  If the subconscious is perceived that the new illusion introduced is for the person’s well-being, then the subconscious accepts the new programming as correct.
5) The Introspection
 A continued reinforcement of thought or action tends to make the feeling accepted, and also, the other suggestions which may be in the similar line become easier to  accept,
6) The Subconscious Mind
 Once subconscious accepts a thought, it remains intact until it is replaced with another new thought. Regardless of information to the contrary, unless the original imprint is released and a new imprint substitutes it, a person will continue to harbour the original thought.

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