Natya Therapy

Natya therapy deals with attaining balance of body , mind emotions and energy which subsequently provide all the nutrients which helps the individual to get healed of various illness .Natya therapy works on uplifting the conscious which increases the awareness and awakens the dormant evolutionary force ( Kundalini )
Natya Therapy Compromises of Mudra therapy , Sound and tones , Breathwork, Postures, Movements and Affirmations .
Natya therapy with correct rhythm and music promotes a beautiful healing process of human body.
Natya  provides beautiful movements of rhythm which helps to cure and heal diseases and disorders. It helps to strengthen and communicate self expression.
It helps one to have self connect  within himself and understand our own deep down blocked emotions. Natya therapy is defined as a therapeutic movement which empowers the sub-conscious mind to release all the negative patterns a emotional, physical and mental state of mind and integrates positivity in an individual. The use of dance and moments allows the body movements to reflect to our deep down inner emotional states and helps to change through our movements behaviour which further helps to change our patterns at our sub-conscious level promoting health and growth in our life.
Natya therapy can be used with clients of all ages, ethnics and backgrounds. Natya therapy also gives great positive results in children and helps them to adapt to the demands of their situation as well as learn how to deal and control their emotions. It teaches and brings awareness within them of their own negative behaviour patterns.
Natya therapy can be helpful  to the clients who are struggling in their life. It is also helpful in treating patients going thru physical and mental disorders. Its been a powerful modality in hospitals schools, residential homes, rehab centers.

  • There are 76 classic Dance postures which helps to activate your chakras. These classic postures are divided into different sets. The first set of postures are programmed in a way which makes the foundation of our human system.
  • We have different bodies such as physical body, etheric body, mental body … It is very necessary first to align there bodies.
  • There first set of movements and postures will help to make the foundation of our systems very energy to flow and channelize in a right direction


Mudra Therapy Importance :Five elements signifies the elements of the body , by performing Mudras we can  increase  decrease  and balance the elements of body .Any disharmony of the elements manifest diseases , thus Mudras performed with correct formation and duration can heal diseases. Sound and tones: sound and tones are very potent in the process of healing it travels to layers of body and where the matter is less concentrated it heals the organs and changes the molecular structure. Indian classical raga are the outcome of the sounds and swars which changes the frequency and the molecular structure in the body.
Sound and Tones: sound and tones are very potent in the process of healing it travels to layers of body and where the matter is less concentrated it heals the organs and changes the molecular structure .Indian classical raga are the outcome of the sounds and swaras which changes the frequency and the molecular structure in the body.
Natya therapy works wonderfully on micro levels:
1. Natya therapy works on Age reversing , but also on Age related progressive diseases. 
2. Natya therapy works on Activating both hemispheres of Brain right and left.
3. Natya therapy works very well on balancing the Ph balance . (Acidic / Alkaline
Natya has always been used as a strong medium to express various emotions. Celebrate special occasions and now it is being used as a therapeutic technique. Natya is a language by itself. Conscious and sub-conscious level, dance movements helps to heal the body. Natya therapy also helps professional dancers a unique opportunity to feel comfortable in their own body. White participating in a environment which is safe and non judgemental. The Natya therapist builds good rapport and helps to develop ones own movements and style and emphasis on a personal expression and improvising the movements.
The basic principle of dance therapy improvises the body movements and imagination and brings a complete alignment within body and mind.
How a new habit is formed?
Habits are formed in different forms and degrees.
  • The brain receives the command from different bodily sequential movements at a very core level, which becomes an habit if done repeatedly.
  • To from an habit some sort of sequential body movements are sequential body movements are required, such as reading walking, excursing etc…
  • The brain functions from the unconscious level. When curtain bodily movements me done repeatedly in a sequence it automatically. Converted into and habit by the brain and stored the unconscious level.
Eg. Devising yourself is a sequence of unphysical motor skill but still we dress ourselves everyday --- conscious thinking.
This automatic procedure of many day to day actuates are stored in the basal ganglia of the brain, it plays significant role in the development of emotions memories and sequential habits.
This depends upon the personality of the person for some who are use to doing in routing, they can adapt habits faster than a person who is imp hive and irater.
So people who are whale to from habits in specific time, is only because they are not performing the sequential movements repeatedly.
In other words they don’t lack will but the lack routine.
How a conscious movement or a posture PROGRAMME A NEW HABIT?
This is where Dance Movements postures mudras done in specific sequence and rhythm form a belief and a habit at as subconscious level if done regularly and repeatedly.
For eg instance – while dancing involvement of continuous right and left feet unconscious makes an habit how to balance the body. Subsequently body and mind which are interrelated forms a habit of balance in all areas of our lives.
Music has its own effect on human and its is an intrinsic part of living beings.
If we programmer our daily activities in accord dance to music or based on any form of music or song, the outcome of every activity we do is not only different but prominent in every manner for eg.
If one wanted to release weight and disciplines one body with an specific Dance movement.
When you are hearing a particular music and conducting a particular activity the music and the event becomes one without any invitations of time and space. In true meaning every time you hear the same music you will the reminded of the same activity. These is call classical Condit evening. The mind gets conditioned to its environment and its responds immediately.
If one wants to release weight one has to reelect a specific music of one’s choice and conduct a dance movement for 21 days. Where a not only body burns calories emotional body is also gets aligned in this process.
  • Healing happens in to haling when mind and body is in complete synergy.
  • Once your conduct this process for 21 days religiously where a not only bodyworks callouses but emotional body is also gets legend in this process.
  • Healing happens in to healing when mind and body is in complete synergy.
  • Once your conduct this process for 21 days religiously, 22nd day when you hear this music the brain has cultivated a new habit to both the mind and body without directly getting involved in it. This is called classical conditioning.
  • After 21 day 22nd day the body becomes programmed and the music has anchored in your to brain to burn the same calories every time you hear that music.
  • It means you have conditioned your mind to conditioned your body to burn calories very easily in much use time.
  • What kind of music?
  1. Music which energies your senses.
  2. Music which is not very common.
  3. Music which makes your body  starts flowing with it.
  4. Music has to be Rhythmic.
  • How can you release your  Negative Energy through dance?
Any form of free body movement is defined as Dancing. This is an effective tool of release all negative and pent up emotions and feelings.
When we perform a movement with the support of Rhythm and sound our bodystarts flowing and releases endorphins which are the Happy hormones. In this process the pent up negative emotions and feelings which are the cause of suffering start releasing through a body movement.
For expressing ones creativity choreograph dance work wonders but to Natural release of negative emotions any body movement is sufficient.
Which means it does not require any assistance or training.
Every individual cannot express his or her emotion freely people are programmed with different belief such, inability to express freely or believing in expressing their happy moments only or even not finding right situation to express themselves.
Taking all this into consideration we can conduce by holding on to attract more negative situations in our life. This leads to attract more anger, fears and self doubts.
Which is an absolutely and chaotic phenomena directly affecting our body and soul.

Which pacifies the inner chaotic condition of mind.
In this process negative emotions flows out as the body mind and soul merged together and all fears, doubts, anxiety’s, anger. Are absorbed by the body and discarded through body movements.
Body movementsplay an important role in the release of negative emotions and achieving happiness and positivity.
There seven bodies eg.
Physical emotional, mental, astrel, ethric
  • When we a movement on a physical level even our emotional body is flowing with physical body, that how no emotions are blocked as.
  • That’s how all the dogged energy’s and negative emotions get absorbed by the body and gets released which performing a movement.
  • How can you identify your beliefs through, Movement, Body  postures  or Mudras?
Body and mind are interrelated as per the  processing and functioning of thoughts and actions.
Action is processed by body is an outcome(repurcation) of the thought which processed in the mind through body actions.
Body and Mind command each other.
Body has to experiences the  prior to mind eg, sometimes the body experiences change in the environmentally and reacts where the mind supports the event.
Conclusion is body is more receptive to the environment and then mind follows it.
  • Body and mind works on the principle of intimacy and dynamism, that is to say. Everything which is happening in ones life, is correlated at mental and bodily level.
  • Whatever you feed to your body as in water food exercise walks and enjoy all this sensory capabilities our body gets adapted and gets a different look.
  • Similarly the emotions and sentiments we experience in our mind becomes our reality at mental level.
Body will never lie
Movements will help to identify the clogged energy which is concealed in the body. Body movements helps identify and further rectify
For eg. If a person can’t flex their knee during and movement. He is not only facing inflexibly at body level, it can be said that person is very  rigid at mental level as body and mind work on the same tangent.
Therefore it is very important to maintain both mental and physical fitness.
In NatyaTherapy one has to be aware of the breath while doing every movement.
As every movement
As one becomes aware of ones breath. Which performing a movement one synchronizes with the Rhythm of universe mentally and physical.
This process thins the subconscious mind  to live in the present and flow with the universe.
In other words one learns to let go of the past deal with the present situation stop apprehending about future.
The breathing process as aligned once is the universal Rhythm the body and mind automatically corresponds to the same and healing becomes and integral part of it.
In this Natya therapy one of the most imp gesture is the breath
Every individual vibrates with different and unique frequency known as Rhythm.
Rhythm is manifested by different individuals at different speed, because every individual has specific Rhythm of Breath connect and mergers with universal Rhythm.
This the rhythm of the body and the Rhythm of the breath when merges with universal Rhythm that where healing commences.

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