Kundalini Awakening


 A Sanskrit word Kundalini, which as per the Upanishad, is a  powerful serpent at the base of the spine. The Kundalini contains divine, spiritual energy that is waiting to be purified or awakened.
Each person has a quotient of this divine energy called Kundalini.  It dictates the person’s intelligence. How much of this Kundalini energy in the skull is an important question? Kundalini is an energy that flows along the spine and rests at the bottom the spine.When it is awakened, it starts moving in an upwardly direction through the spine bringing new awareness, attributes and abilities. This divine energy flows through the seven chakras which are seven emotional centres—in our body releasing all the negative energy and giving us magical experiences.
Through Kundalini meditations and correct dance, one can release negative memories, feelings, emotions. Our collection of incidences from a childhood etc. creates negative pockets withing our subconscious.  When all the negative blocks are released, Kundalini flows allowing one to cleanse all the chakras. Such awakening of Kundalini, in turn, allows the divine energy to flow to purify the mind, body and the soul. A person with awakened Kundalini will experience contentment &  and greater bliss.

The Seven Chakras

 Chakras are energy centers through which energy flows both in and out of the body. The energy is transported through the chakras. The divine energy & Kundalini energy from the chakras blends with each other and continues to flow through the hands and feet.
Root Chakra (Muladhara): Located between the sexual organs & the anus,  the Muladhar is the base of life. The emotions such as fear, anger, guilts, resentments, regrets are connected to this chakra.
Sacral Chakra (Swadishtan): It is located in the male and female sexual organs, Swadishtan &  Muladhar are quite close, and they impact each other's state extensively.
Solar plexus (Manipur or the center of will): Diseases like diabetes, indigestion,  acidity,  and feelings of vulnerability, etc. are controlled by this chakra.
Heart Chakra (Anahat): The blood disorders, circulatory system,  heart issues are controlled by this chakra, and also the emotions like love and sorrow.
Throat Chakra (Vishuddhi): It is is connected to the vocal windpipe vocal chords. Diseases of the type of thyroid problems and feelings of inability to express oneself,  speak up, points to an issue with this chakra.
Third Eye Chakra:  Situated in the center of the brain, this chakra is related to the pineal& master gland which helps function the entire glandular system in the body. Everything related to the eye like vision, which includes the perception of seeing and accepting visual are due to this chakra.
Crown Chakra (Sahasara) : It is the top chakra in the hierarchy. Sitting in the skull area, this chakra overlooks the functions of the brain and connects to the higher consciousness.

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