Dance Therapy

It helps to drop the negative part of the consciousness and fill the mind with positive impressions. The dancing gestures help immensely to make an individual positive. The therapy helps to heal.Dancing gestures help one connect with one's inner self and bring around corrections at emotion's level. It is sure to help heal and bring around better health to the concerned individuals. The dance therapy can be practised at home, hospital, rehabilitation center and schools.It helps people suffering physical and mental trauma to regain control of their emotions.


Dance has always been used as a  method to express emotions and now it is being used in a therapeutic way. But dance therapy is not more than just learning to dance. It’s a therapy where the patient is the leader, and the therapist follows the movements and senses. Unlike the routine exercise movements, this style is designed to ignite creativity and a sense of wholeness in the patient. It, in turn, promotes the feeling of well-being primarily and instils positivity and a great sense of awareness in the body and mind.


The dance of Seven Chakras involves positions & postures of classical dances. These help to establish a position & a correct balance and posture of the body by stretching & straightening the spine, which in turn helps us create positive energies in every chakra. The dance therapy is programmed in a way that it truncates positive flow of energy to a particular chakra and helps recover any ailment of that organ or area.  Dance of Seven Chakras includes arms extensions, correct bends, stretches, movements which bring awakening,  creating a concrete base within oneself and helps control the outside emotions.
Emotions express the language of dance & the facial movements,  displays the nature of the dancer. The dance expressions help in awakening the chakras such as third eye & heart.
The five senses ( smell, sight, sound, taste, and touch) empower a person to connect with his/her inner self & are related to the facial chakra. In dance therapy,  the rhythmic movements help release the negative emotions within the subconscious mind.

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